Premier Sports Network Adds Withum as Player Care Partner for Accounting Services

Withum is excited to announce its new agreement as a Player Care Partner with Premier Sports Network (PSN). PSN is the leading private network for the global sports industry, connecting key stakeholders and suppliers across the world of professional sport to improve the performance of those working behind the scenes and drive the development of the professional sports industry.

This six-month agreement enables PSN to offer premier accounting services to benefit professional athletes and provide them with an expanded suite of resources to help sustain their success. Giving players access to Withum’s accounting and tax services will ensure they have accurate and compliant books and set them up to thrive in the long term.

We are excited to join PSN as a Player Care Partner. The sports industry is a lifelong passion for our team members. Athletes live complex lives, not just in the limelight. Their accounting needs shouldn’t have to be complex, and that’s why so many professional athletes and sports organizations choose Withum. We are looking forward to educating players and helping protect the wealth and reputations of PSN members.

Josh Horowitz
Team Leader of the Professional Sports and Esports Services Team

“We’re thrilled to introduce Withum to our network as a Player Care Partner,” said Spencer Hidge, CEO and Founder of Premier Sports Network. “Accounting for professional athletes is a highly-specialized area, and I am confident that by giving our people access to Withum, we are setting them up with the best possible, most experienced team.”

Accounting Services for Professional Athletes

Withum’s Professional Sports Services Team helps traditional athletes and professional esports, sports teams and clubs navigate complex tax regulations in an industry unlike any other. Long-standing industry experts have mastered the industry’s unique accounting rules and regulations and stay relevant to the latest tax regulations to minimize tax liability, develop tax strategies and maximize profits.

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Withum and PSN Leadership Team

Joshua Horowitz


New York, NY

Harris Solis


New York, NY

Michael Pahira


Red Bank, NJ

Spencer Hidge

Founder and CEO - Premier Sports Network

David Watts

Managing Director - Premier Sports Network

Devlin Anes

Tax Supervisor - Withum