On-Demand Webinar: Withum Wealth Management Thought Leadership Series: A 2021 Perspective on Markets, Technology and Social Media

In an exciting fireside chat event, the Withum Wealth Management team partnered with Liz Ann Sonders, Senior VP and Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab, and Sarah Personette, VP of Twitter Global Client Solutions, to discuss the latest trends in Economics, Technology and Social Media.

The 1.5-hour all-women presentation covered several topics, ranging from the path to normalization for the economy and markets to social media’s role in the future. Monica Jalife from Withum Wealth and Liz Ann Sonders discussed the economy and markets. During this chat, Liz Ann stressed the importance of investing based on fundamental, long-term trends instead of politics or a changing administration. When it comes to the power of social media, Liz Ann noted that while it has its downfalls, it can be a force for democratizing investing, setting new standards for young investors entering the market.

Elena Ladygina from Withum Wealth Management hosted the second segment of the presentation. Elena and Sarah examined how 20-year trends, like the rise in digitization via technology, have been catalyzed over the past year. Sarah also explained how industries from healthcare to retail, government, education and supply chain management are transforming to a digital world via a mobile revolution. These drastic changes also bring in the need for social responsibility in the name of public safety. Fighting misinformation and disinformation should be at the forefront of every digital platform.

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