On-Demand Webinar: Reinvent Business Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office 365

Switching back and forth between disconnected applications keeps your business from growing. Time that could be spent developing relationships with customers and building your business is wasted reconciling mismatched records and duplicating data in multiple systems. In this short video, we explore three real-life scenarios that illustrate how business owners, sales representatives, and accountants can increase efficiency, simplify operations, and improve customer experiences using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrated with Microsoft Office 365.

Benefits of integrating Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office 365

  • Drive productivity by reducing time spent switching between stand-alone applications.
  • Foster collaboration and communication by breaking down silos and broadening visibility across your organization.
  • Accelerate user adoption and decrease training time with a seamless user experience.
  • Gain insights into reporting and improve accuracy and decision-making with built-in intelligence and data visualization.
  • Improve relationships with existing customers and cultivate relationships with new customers.
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