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This Was Going to be About the Impeachment Vote…


I planned on writing about the division in politics between the Democrats and Republicans.  I find it hard to believe that at least some Democrats would think that the impeachment should not proceed and that at least some Republicans would think that it should proceed.  However, it seems there is a sharp division between the two parties with the votes following the party leaders’ wishes.

I certainly do not want to get involved in the debate about the impeachment or to foist my political views on you.  What I do want to do is express an opinion about how I believe we need to act in general and the change that has taken place in the overall political landscape.

Integrity and character are invaluable traits that people carry forever and which are evidenced at every interaction.  It can take a lifetime to establish a reputation and a passing slight to destroy it.  So how one acts with each person each time they deal with them is important in establishing and cementing their reputation.

When we elect representatives, we expect them to act with our best interests at heart and if not, then with the integrity, character, and independence of mind that has proven reliable through their past actions.  When I see virtually every Congressperson voting a straight party-line I tend to believe they are not exercising any of these traits.  Perhaps Congress has morphed into a parliamentary body where the voting is in accordance with what the party leaders tell them to do.

This may be so and it may not be better or worse, just different, and as such then I would need to get used to it.  If so, then I wonder if this is what we deserve.  Either way, we got it and now have to assimilate this reality into our thinking about who we vote for and what we are casting our votes for.

And if this is the new reality of politics, then where would integrity, character, and independence of mind fit in?

As for us, integrity, character, and independence of mind does matter and we need to be aware of this in our every interaction.  Our elected representatives should cease [if they haven’t already] to be the role models we would want to emulate.

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