Updating Safety Measures

It has occurred to me that traffic safety would be greatly improved if some so-called “safety” measures would be eliminated, thus this proposal.

Stop signs.

I propose removing all stop signs. Most drivers no longer stop at them. At best some slowdown but most just drive through them and usually more so on turns. My proposal is not impulsive but is based on a thorough study of cars that I have seen driving either in front of me or entering a road I was driving on. In 300 documented instances I could not help but observe, four people actually came to a complete stop before proceeding; and 296 have not obeyed the law.

The way things work, if the traffic law of stopping at a stop sign were to be enforced, there would be a great diversion from the enforcement of more serious crimes. After all, what is so serious about neglecting to stop at a stop sign? It’s not like anyone would get killed or maimed? My proposal is further backed by the assurance that if there were no stop signs, drivers approaching one would slow down and likely stop to make sure no one would be driving from either direction thereby increasing the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Right or left turn signals.

No one uses them, or if they do, they put them on just after they’ve made the turn and are pretty much where they turned to. Originally the blinking signal lights replaced hand signals which I recall were universally used. When the signal lights first came about, they were used by one and all, but as time went on drivers realized the immense energy they could conserve by not flicking the turn stick that is way under the steering wheel, so they stopped using it.

I suggest that if the signal switches were eliminated, drivers would be more careful since they would not know when turns would be executed by others. The extra care would be manifested by slightly slower, more alert and greater anticipatory driving that would reduce accidents. Furthermore, it would likely eliminate extremely stupid drivers that act like they own the road and who readily flash the finger at safer and more responsible drivers who blow horns at them, since they would know they needed to pay more attention to their driving because turn signals were no longer being used.

The Why

Implementing these two proposals will not eliminate all accidents, but would greatly reduce them by creating more vigilant and judicious driving. If the legislature does not act then I propose a trial period be instituted by executive order. This proposal would definitely promote safer driving and reduce auto accidents. Kind reader, I appreciate insincere modesty the attention that will be given to these proposals.

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