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Letter I Wrote to Two People I Got Mad At

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Recently I got very upset over actions of two people representing their organizations.  These were unrelated instances.

So angry that I wrote them letters spelling out what they were expected to do and did not do and what they did that was wrong and how it hurt me and expressing my disappointment in them.

I was really upset and wrote each a letter with clear articulation of the facts along with the best of my ability for sarcasm and acerbity.  The letters were was great, and I felt great after I wrote to them.  Typically, I slept on them to send the next morning and typically I decided to not sent them.

There was nothing in it for me to send them.  I would have upset the targets and likely would have burned bridges, one of which took years to build.  I knew who I was dealing with and would certainly now be on my guard if I had future interactions with them; the way things work, you never know what will happen and who you might need to call upon.

I felt better writing the letters but felt smarter by not sending them.  There was nothing in it for me to send them.  Next time you are angry at someone, reread this blog.

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