As a manufacturer, if you are not using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or material resource planning (MRP) system to help maximize your business potential – you are falling behind your competitors who use them.

Implementing those tools is a worthy long-term investment. Sage Intacct Manufacturing is a cloud-native ERP for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses. It helps to drive business transformation with modernized processes. By using manufacturing accounting software and specialist tools for your industry, you gain a competitive advantage. Modern MRP systems will help your business attract new customers, increase profits and stay ahead of the competition. 

Sage Intacct for Manufacturing helps with increasing the efficiency of your production by simplifying the following processes:

  • Procurement (Buy and put away)
  • Distribution (Sell and distribute)
  • Inventory and Warehousing 
  • Resourcing and Skills Management
  • Manufacturing (Make and assemble)

With production management, for example, the software can help you create and manage your Bill of Materials; manage routing costs and get visibility into your production resources, including machines, inventory and labor even when you have warehouses around the world. With remote workers and the globalization of business, Sage Intacct’s MRP system allows you to manage everything, anytime, anywhere around the globe with a mobile device as long there is an internet connection. It also standardizes the different processes to help streamline global business processes.

Minimizing risk and reducing cost with Intacct helps you make data-driven decisions. Some discrete manufacturers face a variety of challenges, and every decision can impact the whole business (especially for small to mid-size companies). For instance, metal-related products face great challenges with fluctuating material and energy costs. Sage Intacct MRP can help with production management by managing all aspects of a project and tying them into a financial system, across distribution and/or manufacturing processes, from quoting to planning resources and material, tracking costs and schedules, invoicing and analyzing profit. It also helps with the production scheduler by optimizing production cycles and controlling lead times with more flexible graphical production planning and scheduling capabilities. 

Sage Intacct Software for manufacturing organizations has been shown to help reduce inventory levels by 10% and has a quantified risk-adjusted benefit of almost $2 million dollars after installing the software. It also has an ROI of 208% and only a 4-month payback period. 

Overall, Sage Intacct for Manufacturing helps industry players grow faster and remain agile. You might be uncertain about whether it is the right system for your business. Withum’s Digital and Technology Transformation Services Team has vast experience helping manufacturers choose and implement the right ERP/MRP system for their business. 

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