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Happy Third Year Anniversary, Partners-Network Blog!

Happy Third Year Anniversary, Partners-Network Blog!

Three years of twice a week blogs is something to be proud of, and I am. It takes a lot of work and I have reached out to and received assistance from many people at WS+B. The primary purpose of the blogs is to provide free information to clients and others that call me. So, why do I do it and what do I get out of it?

Actually, writing the blogs and being committed to a regular posting schedule is a tremendous benefit for me. It forces me to come up with ideas, examine issues, flush out clients’ concerns, seek out answers and sometimes research issues I am not completely familiar with. Having deadlines, even when self-imposed, creates a discipline and order to this sharing and learning opportunity.

I know a lot [not everything] and had a wide and varied practice over a long period serving really interesting clients and sharing life-changing experiences with them. I also like learning new things and getting completely involved in what I do. Further, doing great work for clients brought me exhilarating highs and internal pride that is hard to explain to those that regretfully did not experience such feelings.

Public accounting is a truly great profession to work in and the benefits make it more fun than work. These blogs are a form of giving back – of showing appreciation to the clients I served, and to staff, associates and colleagues. The blogs create a body of knowledge that can be accessed at will by those with questions on topics addressed by me. Each blog generally covers a single topic in, I hope, an easily readable, understood and actionable manner.

The blogs also offer an entry door to our firm for prospective clients that are not sure how to approach us. They can now call me and I will introduce them to the right person here that could help them.

Our firm is large and this blog and others by us is a commitment to be leaders in the profession, assist the public and share our collective wisdom. We are certified public accountants licensed by the state and part of a great profession of trusted advisors. Not everything we do needs to carry a price tag and sharing with these blogs is a small contribution back.

I am honored to be able to create and share these blogs with you. I also welcome your calls and questions. Thank you for reading the blogs!

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