Thanksgiving is a festive day where we get together with family and friends for dinner. It might also be the most observed national holiday. It is also propitiously placed as the first-time many college students can come home for an extended weekend. However, Thanksgiving should mean more than this. It should be a day of giving Thanks for all the Blessings we have and the people that are keeping us safe.

We live in the greatest country the world has ever had. Proof of this is to look at any other country and see if you would rather live there, than here. We are not perfect and a few point to everything bad about America, but there is a lot more good and we need to be Thankful for the good and not dwell on the bad. Some people feel a way to show their importance is by denigrating our country emphasizing the bad. They don’t show their importance, they prove their inadequacies, shallowness and lack of self-confidence. Those that accentuate the good are able to live in the present and look forward to the future. The downers live in the past trying to glorify false truths without contributing to growth and making tomorrow better.

This Thursday set aside a moment at dinner to give Thanks for all the Blessings you have, for the bravery of our servicemen and women and the police and first responders that put themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe and our way of life protected; and all the civil servants that truly serve the people in so many ways we are not aware of, because if we were aware of what they did, we would not be properly served.

Make it a day of giving Thanks and truly a special day. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.

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