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Cheating is Never Worth It

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Cheating might be worth it for some people if they don’t get caught.  However, if you get caught, it never seems like it was worth it.  And if so, why do it?

Tuesday evening the top news story was about celebrities, college sports coaches and admissions staff involved in a 50+ million dollar 10-year scheme to get kids into colleges they might not have otherwise gotten into.  Some even allegedly deducted their payments as charity.  If I were a betting man, I would bet that they are all wishing they never did it.  But now it is too late.

Don’t cheat. Don’t lie on your taxes.  Don’t bribe people.  Don’t do a lot of things that you would wish you never did if you got caught.  Use this as a check on yourself.  If you would wish you never did it if you did get caught, then don’t do it.

Besides, the penalty for getting caught is usually far greater than the benefit would have been from doing whatever you would wish you never did.  Don’t do it!  It is never worth it!

P.S. When the organizer and perpetrator of the scheme was arrested, he provided detailed information and proof about all of the people that participated with him.  That is nuts!  It seems you just can’t trust anyone anymore.  And do you realize that you would be subjecting your freedom and liberty to your co-conspirators?  That makes even less sense than the cheating.

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