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Carlos Beltran Becomes NY Mets Manager


Carlos Beltran has just been named the 22nd manager of the NY Mets. I heard the announcement on the radio and was particularly interested in what Carlos said about managing and want to share it here.

Managing a baseball team is more than filling out a lineup card or putting in a pinch hitter. It is about motivating highly skilled people to function as a team. This is no different than any other manager. Here are some of Carlos’ comments.

  • If the players perform, you win
  • My job is to help them perform at their highest level
  • It needs good communications by me
  • A one-on-one relationship
  • Finding out what’s important to each player and motivating him toward that
  • The manager need to find the player’s passions and build on that
  • I need to relate to the players
  • I need to become a mentor and a coach
  • I hope to create a culture that is positive and fun
  • My job is to support the players and be a resource for them for every skill level they need to perform at

“If the players perform, you win.” The job of the manager is to get the players to perform at their best level…so everyone wins. That is the job of every manager. To get the team members to perform properly and appropriately and at their highest level!

I posted a previous blog on Babe Ruth being passed over for a manager’s job. Here is a link: https://www.withum.com/resources/babe-ruth-and-leadership/

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