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Over 50 Book for those Starting Out or who are in Mid-Career

Over 50 Book for those Starting Out or who are in Mid-Career

My friend, Robert L. Dilenschneider, wrote a book to help people over 50 jump start their career. This book is named incorrectly– it should be called a Primer for Succeeding and Getting Ahead at Work and Business.

50 Plus! / Critical Career Decisions for the Rest of Your Life addresses the reader assuming he or she is over age 50, but that direction should be ignored; and that is the only thing in the book that should be ignored. Bob’s advice covers every facet of how one should act at work or business regardless of where they are in their career.

Chapters deal with:

  • The new rules. Every period has new rules and we need to know today’s. Bob points out that some are perennial with many nuances
  • The lay of the land. The economy, politics, demographics, lifetime jobs with one company and the speed of information have changed making how we grasp, understand and look at things more important than ever. This chapter provides a digest with explanations of the hot button areas we can all learn something from
  • The real deal on image. Whatever you know can be enhanced by reading this chapter which includes an incisive father and son interview on how to present yourself
  • Time to change. Whether you have a job or business there are tell tale hints of when there should be a change. Bob identifies many of them and indicates strategies to use for your advantage
  • Get a Job. This covers the job hunting process but the tactics mentioned can be applied to those securely in their position or in their own business. This chapter is “everyone’s” personal development guide and gives many ideas on how to land a meeting with a prospective employer or customer
  • On Your Own. This coversways to start or get into a business with useful information how to prepare for any circumstance
  • Becoming a consultant. A how-to guide to get business and more
  • A PR Primer. Bob is a master of public relations and CEO strategies. He shares many of his insider methods
  • Bridging the Generation Gap. Things are different and ever-changing. Many of the younger generation are the early adapters creating a gap. This chapter explains how to stay current
  • Getting Back in the Game. No matter what yourage may be, you could have setbacks. Here is a how-to-get-back-on-track organizer. There are many other tips here (just as there are in every chapter) on how to conduct yourself in myriad situations

Each chapter is bifurcated into multiple mini-chapters oozing with guidelines for almost any situation you will encounter. These situations present themselves in businessand alsothroughout your personal activities. The chapters are thoughtful treatises and some include interviews with recognized leaders adding their counsel.

Bob wrote previous books on the beginning and mid-term of your career, but this trumps them for every age. Regardless of the status of your career, this is a book with gems you can immediately put to good and profitable use. Read this book – you will like it and will benefit from it.

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