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Baseball Cheating Scandal


I am not clear on the exact type of cheating that was done, or why it was considered cheating, but I am clear on the swift decisive response to it.

Cheating, lying, and not following the rules all indicate a lack of integrity and character. Further, it can undermine the trust in the process and even the rule of law.

Baseball is a game, but it is also an activity that is followed, watched and read and talked about by millions of fans including many young men and women and children. As such it becomes a model and a microcosm of behavior, fairness and clean competition. Cheating destroys confidence and pleasure and teaches a lesson that honesty and fair play is not always the best policy. It needs swift decisive action to show that cheating will not be tolerated.

In today’s political climate with lying, coverups, and cheating not just by elected representatives but by some governments, some religious leaders and some of the leaders of our largest corporations as a matter routine policy, and the condoning of it by our simply looking the other way or passing it off as business as usual, shows we have lost our sense of direction and our moral compass.

The reaction of the leaders of major league baseball with swift, clear and decisive punitive measures sends a clear unequivocal message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and has no place in baseball. Now we need the more important of our organizations to follow this lead. Our politicians need to act with character and vote their consciences and when they do not, we need to let them know they are letting us down by not re-electing them. Boards of directors cannot terminate people that fall short of their obligations by providing them with multi-million dollar severance packages. And, those that break laws need to be held accountable with swift decisive punishment.

Baseball showed us the way, but we need to carry it forward where it really means something – for our wellbeing, safety, and security.

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