You’ve seen our team dancing and maybe even singing, but now you get to experience them doing both, carpool karaoke style! To kick-off our 2018 State of the Firm meeting, we unveiled our highly anticipated annual culture video.

At Withum, we embrace the family spirit, live life passionately and sometimes even sing a little off-key

Withum’s annual State of the Firm meeting brings together our near-1,000 team members for an update on the accounting profession, our Firm’s strategic vision for the coming year and beyond, and to present awards to our superstars who went the extra mile in their roles during the past year.

“Carpool Karaoke” is a trademark of Apple, Inc. and CBS Broadcasting. Withum’s intent is to share this video with our clients, friends of the firm, team members and their families to demonstrate our firm’s culture and for no other purpose.