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Withum Welcomes AI: Tips for Safe and Effective AI Adoption 

With the fast-paced developments in the world of AI, it is incredibly easy for an organization to become overwhelmed with the important decision of when to implement artificial intelligence in their processes. While recent strides in AI have been making major headlines, these models are still in the early stages and are far from perfect, leading some organizations to believe that they have time to incorporate them into their processes before AI matures. However, by the time that happens, late-adopting organizations will be behind others who chose to jump on the AI adoption train early. 

Recently conducted studies have shown that while employees are beginning to recognize the benefits of utilizing AI in their daily work lives, the pain point stems from when the organization fails to see eye to eye with them. This can cause employees to begin leveraging these tools without any oversight or organizational guidelines, leading to data breaches and other policy violations. This same study of 14,000 employees across 14 different countries indicated that more than 25% are currently utilizing AI, with over half of that number using AI without formal approval from their organization. Without properly monitoring these employees’ AI usage, they can easily engage in unethical activities; in fact, 64% of users utilizing these AI tools have passed off AI work as their own.

With advancements in AI being relatively new, the policies surrounding AI use at work are in their infancy as well. Workers who wish to leverage AI claim that policies are loosely defined – if there are policies at all – which can make AI use in the workplace ambiguous. Withum recommends that our clients establish AI policies for data privacy and security, including the ethical use of AI, to ensure that staff members are in compliance with company standards and relevant regulations as they harness the power of AI. 

AI readiness is an important step for every organization considering implementing artificial intelligence tools, even for those who have not yet formally adopted them. Delaying this decision may cause your organization to lose out on valuable opportunities, putting you at a severe disadvantage that may not be possible to overcome.

Before we launched our internal Microsoft Copilot pilot at Withum, we set a few parameters, and we recommend that you follow similar guidelines when incorporating AI into your organization.  

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AI Adoption Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some recommended do’s and don’ts:


  • Understand that GenAI tools can provide false information; you must carefully verify responses 
  • Treat every bit of information as if it were to become public 
  • Keep open communication with your supervisors when using AI tools to ensure that the use of AI tools aligns with your organizational goals 
  • Create a list of GenAI tools that meet your organization’s needs and quality standards; ensure employees understand why they should not use any GenAI tools that are not approved by your organization 


  • Use GenAI to make employment decisions 
  • Input personal, proprietary, or sensitive organizational or customer data in a GenAI tool 
  • Pass off any work generated by AI as your own 

By creating a pilot with a controlled group of users from various departments, we also learned the best ways to introduce users to GenAI and explain its capabilities and potential dangers of AI. This not only got the team excited but helped us understand the many real-world applications and benefits of AI.

Now, we are leveraging our insights and innovation to support our clients in their AI journeys.

We get started by performing a health check to evaluate your organization’s data estate and AI readiness. With this knowledge, we’ll help you develop an AI vision and strategy tied to your mission and goals.

With a clear and well-socialized vision in place, we work with you to establish AI policies for data privacy and security and the ethical use of AI. This will ensure your staff is in compliance with relevant regulations and company standards when they utilize AI tools.

Next, we help you plan your AI pilot rollout, which is tied to your staff’s job roles and use cases. This plan then includes a series of sessions that highlight key features and address common questions and issues. We want your users to be prepared for the change of working with AI, and ongoing engagement is critical to adoption.

Once your company understands how AI can improve your business processes to enhance productivity and streamline operations, Withum facilitates the transition to a company-wide launch and helps get the rest of your staff up and running with AI.  

Develop an AI Strategy and Roadmap for Your Business

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Withum can help you get AI ready and launch an effective Copilot pilot. At Withum, we understand the transformative power of AI and help businesses navigate the AI revolution. Whether you’re just starting your AI journey or looking to enhance your existing capabilities, our comprehensive suite of AI services, including AI adoption, is designed to meet your needs.

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