On-Demand Webinar: Withum and PSN Present: Esports Player Care


In this exciting webinar, Withum, Full Sail University, the NECC, and Guild Esports will dive into the duty of care that the Esports industry has to its athletes and global audience!

There have been few industries that have seen growth as rapid as collegiate and professional Esports. With total market investments reaching billions of dollars, Esports is becoming a revolutionary means of competition and entertainment. With the industry’s great success come many challenges. Join our Esports professionals from Withum, Full Sail University, the NECC, and Guild Esports as they discuss financial literacy, cyber security, and support to the Esports community!

Viewers Will Learn About

  • Financial Literacy - what this means for Esports Athletes, why it is important for athletes to become financially confident, and what a typical Esports career looks like at such a young age for potentials earnings through the NIL and other sponsorships
  • Cyber Security - why the Esports community needs to be aware of its importance as well as the ramifications of a potential breach, what that might cost the player and game developers, and what can be done to protect the industry
  • Importance of Esports Community - How we can continue to support and help grow the industry in the right direction, especially for College v Pro Esports careers