Why Startups are Switching to Outsourcing Accounting

It can be overwhelming enough to run a business and take on day to day accounting responsibilities- especially if your business is in the startup phase.

With any start-up business, it may be difficult to find more time to focus on building your company. This could be the perfect opportunity to consider outsourcing your accounting functions and allow you to focus on the aspects of your core business that drive revenue and profitability.

Outsourcing some or all of these tasks will allow you to put your efforts into building your brand, expanding your customer base and improving your products or services. Hiring an outsourced accounting services firm can often be the most cost-effective option for a growing business.

How an Outsourced Accounting Company Can Help Startups:

  • Implementing best practices processes and procedures for finance-related operations.
  • Maintaining accurate accounting records and providing meaningful reporting.
  • Invoicing customers, paying vendors, tracking expenses.
  • Identifying accounting and tax issues timely.
  • Providing leading technology solutions.
  • Accessing a wide team of professionals without hiring, training, salaries and benefits and retention issues.
  • Anticipating future issues and complexities that arise as your company grows.
  • Budgeting, cash flow analysis and projections.
  • Customizing a menu of services for your business needs, which can change as your business grows.
  • Developing scalable solutions at your fingertips as you grow.
Looking to outsource your accounting needs?
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Reliable accounting and reporting allows for better insights and better decision making by you and your management team. Consider the benefits that a professional outsourced accounting support team tailored to your needs can provide for your growing company. Use your time to hone and develop your ideas, products/services and your employees.

Author: Laura Whitman,CPA | [email protected]

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