The modern business world has become an exceptionally competitive ecosystem.

It is so demanding that anything that delays proper delivery of goods and services jeopardizes an organization’s stake in the market. It is prudent that organizations streamline their operations by harnessing the abilities brought about by tools such as Oracle NetSuite, a unified platform for ERP, CRM and E-commerce, and other technology integrated solutions.

By working with a NetSuite partner vs taking on a project alone, hurdles such as navigating the software sales complexity and optimizing service delivery are easier to access. Before we delve deeper into this, let’s dissect the NetSuite application.


Understanding the NetSuite Model

Businesses are looking for the value derived from their systems. One of the highest needs that have set NetSuite apart is being able to consolidate several operations in a single unified platform. In effect, this becomes more cost-effective, eliminates waste and reduces overhead and headcount. Attention is given to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you direct your efforts, resources and decisions to the areas of your business that matter the most. As you will learn, these advantages are easily attracted by teaming up with a NetSuite partner.

Traditionally, organizations secure different systems to automate a variety of their critical operations. By working with a NetSuite partner, this approach is revolutionized, and your world is opened up to more possibilities. You’ll realize that your business stands a chance to grow tremendously by strategically partnering with NetSuite partners such as Withum. There are many benefits to gain as you will learn in the discussion that follows and Withum’s customer-centric approach provides a framework that focuses our tailored services in an organized and tailored fashion. To highlight a few NetSuite differentiators, NetSuite serves more than forty thousand companies, supports 23 languages and is available in more than 110 countries.

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Here are more reasons why a NetSuite partner should be your ultimate business companion.

Cost Efficiency

Every business is looking for best ways to keep the cost of operations on the minimum, and this is exacerbated by challenging economic times around the world. Withum’s approach to technology is to focus on what you need when you need it and avoid overspending on unnecessary options or “bells and whistles”.

Partners care about your long-term success beyond the software transaction. It is important to look at the entire business picture including where you want to be in the future, people, processes, technology and data. A NetSuite partner will guide you to a more informed decision that is sure to optimize your investments in technology. There are many deciding factors at play when it comes to controlling costs, and a partner can help you establish a roadmap that aligns with your business goals.

Support services are necessary once you go live with your system; NetSuite partners support their customers and techniques to optimize people, process and technology so your users get the most out of the application. As a NetSuite partner, we have observed that while elements such as the license cost and the terms of engagement are the same as purchasing NetSuite directly, Withum’s focus is on your end-users getting the help they need to ensure you get the most from your investment in change.

You Gain from Knowledge and Experience

NetSuite partners have their wings spread across several industries and seek to maintain an ongoing, strategic relationship with their customers. This means that over time, they have managed to learn and position the products to suit various market needs. This wide-ranging experience has helped to ensure that there is something for everyone.

For instance, at Withum, we are aligned with multiple industries such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale distribution, technology, software, and professional services among others. This places you in a position to tap from a wealth of combined experiences while working with Withum to drive operational and financial health.

Keeping pace with the ever-changing technology landscape is a challenge. A NetSuite partner will work with you to optimize your investment in new applications, licensing, implementation and maintaining new technology over time. A partner will also assist you in understanding future trends for a competitive advantage and bring their host of tools and resources to streamline the process. Such gain is only achieved through in-depth insider knowledge from a partner. As a business, this information is crucial for your growth, now and in the future.

Customization of Products and Processes

Perhaps the most significant gain from NetSuite partners is the ability to have tailor-made solutions that take advantage of NetSuite’s native functionality and seek to provide solutions that leverage a unified system architecture while avoiding heavy customizations to serve the specific needs of the organization. This concept is vital for business growth and development as it ensures businesses leverage a stepped implementation approach to success and considers the interactions of people and processes to avoid costly customizations.

Business process optimization is a natural change during a digital transformation event and will focus on your people, making adoption easier as it is implemented with the daily routine in mind. In the end, the employees are an active part of the solution; they feel and appreciate the system for making their day to day work more manageable. Withum has a key focus on making client systems unified, simple and as easy as possible to drive your business to the future.

Technical Support

Technology is rapidly changing and managing technology evolution has become a significant contributor to innovation. Businesses, therefore, must continuously link up with like-minded teams to help them scale up the technical challenges that are brought about by technological disruptions. Partners understand the necessary steps needed to maintain business continuity and are instrumental in future-proofing your systems.

Technical support comes in many varieties and is user dependent. From “where is the button” to managing upgrades, custom workflows and code generally get lumped in “technical support,” partners support teams triage cases and align appropriate resources to the request and seek to return your users to their day-to-day activities. This approach helps users to have the confidence of utilizing latest and emerging technologies through the advisory of NetSuite partners.

At the same time, the ease of accessing technical support as demonstrated by the reachability of Withum online and offline makes the partnership more valuable.

Final Thoughts

While there are compelling reasons to implement NetSuite’s cloud application, all technology initiatives entail significant risk. Before jumping into a NetSuite implementation, consider working with a NetSuite partner.

Withum will bring our customer-centric, industry and application experience to the implementation and help you understand the business and digital strategy. We’ll ensure and ensure these strategies are aligned with the deployment model.