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Trending in E-Commerce

Trending in E-Commerce

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What do the fast-paced people who require less communication, more efficiency and speedier results really need?  The answer is e-commerce.  The advancement of technology charges like a tornado, leaving people to pick up and alter the way in which they live life.  A person depending on technology is an understatement.  It is a way of life.  People now expect to have access to a wide variety of sources and tools which enable an easier and more successful businesses.  Now trending: e-commerce.
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People are constantly on their smartphones (more so than laptops) utilizing various forums of online content, especially social media.  When there is a demand, businesses take this opportunity to supply. When using social media, people are constantly touched by advertisements from businesses which are tailored to the interests of the user.  Due to the time spent online by consumers and the compiled ads on virtually every site, people are more inclined to act on what it is they are seeing.  Why would people choose to go to a store to pick up an item that peaks their interest when obtaining it is simply a click away.

E-commerce is estimated to continue to grow and become more profitable and efficient in the coming years.  According to Forbes, e-commerce has risen 13% in the last year and is projected to rise 15% yearly. The need for the brick and mortars has decreased, leaving business owners to invest more and more in their e-commerce partitions.  Even traditional businesses like your local grocery stores may even become less valuable for consumers for there are increasingly newer and more efficient ways in which people can do their shopping.

A new venue that consumer’s value for its cost-efficient, speedy delivery is a site called Jet.com.  This site is changing the landscaping of the online retail market.  Jet.com is an e-commerce site which ensures it has the cheapest prices for online shopping.  In order to get cheap deals, one simply has to become a member which then results in staggering discounts ensuing Jet.com being 15% cheaper than your other leading online retail sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair.  When visiting this site, it is almost as if you are visiting your local Costco or Sam’s Club only you’re doing it from the comfort of your couch.  Jet.com offers goods ranging anywhere from from foods, health, personal care and furniture all the way to office supplies and video games with the guarantee of zero upcharge and a discount up to 5 or 6 percent.

E-commerce sites are tailoring themselves to be more and more appealing to consumers.  Research has shown that over 81% of people make at least half of their purchases online or they consult online venues before making a purchase.  Due to this stunning rate of consumers making the transition from brick and mortars to the click of a button, e-commerce is now a 50+ billion dollar industry that is only projected to expand every year.  Technology is only making it easier and more efficient for businesses to thrive online due to open source software, crowdsourcing, ample advertising opportunities and access to various tools which make the businesses stay afloat more efficiently in regards to the conservation of time and money.

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