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Smart & Transformative Insights: A Power BI Review

If your company is not yet using interactive business intelligence visualization software, then you are sacrificing valuable insights. BI is one of the top trends to watch for in 2017, and many companies are making the smart decision to embrace new business intelligence tools, like Power BI. Our Power BI review reveals how business intelligence software can help your company visualize data and make quick decisions that can translate to efficiency, actionable insights, and a bigger bottom line.

Microsoft Power BI leads the industry in delivering understandable business intelligence data to your team members. Smart & Transformative Insights: A Power BI Review In this review, we’ll cover why Power BI adoption continues to grow and some of the benefits of Power BI, such as how it can help any business improve decision-making.

Uncover and Share Powerful Insights

Power BI’s reports and dashboards provide many data visualization features. You can turn ugly spreadsheets and rows of data into visually stunning, insightful charts and graphs. This wealth of features allows business users to find the data they want when they want it, and without having to wait for a specialized data analyst intermediary.

With Power BI, you can deliver relevant data to any team member with ease. It makes sharing the right data with the right people straight-forward with shareable dashboards, further encouraging data-driven decisions throughout the enterprise.

The interactive features in Power BI allow users to drill down into increasingly granular data, extract insights, and uncover the trends and relationships you need to make the best business decisions.

Power BI also provides big picture data. While many insights will be granular, Power BI provides a consolidated real-time look at your entire enterprise on the same dashboard. This ends the need for dozens of reports to trickle in throughout each month.

Not only does Power BI make gathering insights easier than ever, it makes sharing those insights a breeze.

Ready to join disparate data, visualize it, and glean transformational insights? Click here to contact a Power BI consultant and we’ll build you a custom Power BI dashboard, absolutely free.

Simple Integrations

How many data sources do you use? One or two?

Probably not. Nowadays, most companies have dozens of data sources spread across multiple, disparate systems. I know I don’t have to tell you how much of a pain it is to extract insights from all that data.

Rather than having to port years of existing data into a new system, Power BI allows easy integration of your existing data. Power BI also integrates most of the services you use – data from a variety of sources that otherwise could not normally be viewed in a single application.

Have ever work with MailChimp, Google Analytics, Facebook, Azure, Salesforce, Marketo, or Dynamics CRM? Imagine having all that data in one place. With Power BI, it’s not only possible, it’s simple.

This level of data integration helps users discover trends and relationships that were all but impossible to previously identify. And the fact that these sources are integrated into real-time Power BI data means you no longer need to wait until you receive the end of the month reports to analyze your data.

Benefit from Rolling Power BI Updates

We are no longer living in the world of biennial software releases. Microsoft updates Power BI every month, consistently bringing you new and improved features. Their Power BI consultants are constantly taking customer and partner feedback and rolling it into newer iterations of the platform.

And with Power BI, you’ll never miss an update. It automatically updates, ensuring that your company is always taking advantage of the latest innovations in data analysis and visualization.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Software

Data analysis tools aren’t useful if the people needing the information don’t know how to find it. One of the main Power BI advantages is its consumer-quality ease of use, meaning every member of your organization can be a data analyst.

Due to its attractive visualizations, Power BI makes analyzing the data easier than ever before. Rather than trudging through opaque spreadsheets, users have useful, functional, and visually pleasing graphs.

Some features of Power BI include drag and drop consoles and navigation, free-form canvases, an extensive library of interactive visualizations, simple report creation, and instant publishing. As soon as you begin using Power BI services, everyone in your business will be able to make smarter decisions.

Better Yet, Power BI is a Bargain

As with any new software, companies and executives are always asking: what’s this going to cost me? BI tools are no exception. Most BI tools cost organizations hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. It makes most people wonder if they can ever get their money back.

But the good news is, Power BI is not your ordinary BI solution.

Power BI costs $9.99/month — the price of a basic Netflix subscription — and you can begin unlocking the data potential of your company. Power BI has positioned itself as a business intelligence solution for every single organization, no matter the size.

Now, most companies will need to factor in deployment and support costs. But in the end, the insights you can get from Power BI are worth the extra money (especially if you use a trusted Microsoft Power BI partner).

With Power BI, the return on investment in just a few dashboards away.

What’s the Catch?

So far, we’ve focused on Power BI advantages, which are significant. But there are Power BI disadvantages also, but just one — and it’s minor. It comes in the form of supplementary expenses such as installation, deployment, configuration, and maintenance costs. It is also recommended that you add a thorough training for your workforce so you can maximize the return on your investment.

However, though there are some initial startup costs, the low cost of operating Power BI – and the high value of insights it delivers – means it’s a smart choice for most businesses. The advantages of Power BI are simply too substantial for your business to profitably pass them up.

Make it Easier with a Power BI Partner

Saying “I’m ready for my Power BI solution” is easy (especially after reading this article). But actually implementing it is a taller task.

What can make the roll out much easier is teaming with a Microsoft-trusted Power BI partner.

At Portal Solutions, our Power BI consultants are able to help you quickly deploy Power BI while helping you avoid unnecessary costs. With access to exclusive Microsoft resources, we can help you accelerate the development of your Power BI service and make the transition easier for everyone. Hope you enjoyed our Power BI review!

We’re ready to help you join your disparate data and gain powerful insights into your company’s performance.

If you want to learn more about Power BI and how Portal Solutions can help, click here. We’ll reach out to you and get you started with a free, customized Power BI dashboard.

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