Sage Intacct Construction for General Contractors and Developers 

Sage Intacct Construction is one of the top construction finance management software providers and is the first and only AICPA-preferred accounting solution for general contractors and developers. Sage Intacct Construction enables proactive management of valuable financial metrics and improves cash flow. It’s built specifically for the construction industry, providing real-time visibility and insights through role-based dashboards.

One featured functionality is representing project work in a visual hierarchy, also known as a work breakdown structure (WBS) by utilizing the project, task and cost type dimensions. This allows users to measure project cost and productivity through the full life cycle of a job.

Construction companies are continually challenged to create and achieve a streamlined procurement cycle. Sage Intacct Construction allows you to create custom purchasing workflows that will revolutionize your business with approval policies created right within the system. You decide if you want your workflow to be set up by asking for a purchase requisition first, which an Employee user type can enter in, or you can have your workflow start at the purchase order level, with the Project Manager of the job as the approver. You can create multiple workflow structures within Purchasing to meet your business needs.

The importance of purchasing workflows is that the system can keep track of every scenario and eliminates the possibility of a missed transaction. You can create approval policies for each step, avoiding paying out invoices never reviewed by the project team.

Within Purchasing and the workflows, you can select which transactions should be billable to a client. You can allocate invoices without breaking out each transaction by the dimensions you need them allocated across. You also could set an automatic spend validation process that will post each spend transaction against the budget and rules you set, governing your spending.

Legacy accounting software was developed before the Internet. They were never designed to provide real-time visibility into your organization’s financials. They also were not designed to talk to other systems. Sage Intacct Construction is designed to seamlessly connect to third-party applications for project management, payroll, budgeting and customer relationship management apps.

Thousands of general contractors and developers choose Sage Intacct Construction as their financial software solution. Why? As your company grows, you need to automate accounting processes while adding strong financial controls that ensure compliance and audibility. The Sage Intacct Learning Center provides instructional videos and eLearning courses pertaining to Accounts Payable and 1099s. Search the Sage Intacct Community for knowledgebase articles, 1099 on-demand webinar recordings and FAQs.  

Rest assured that your current investment in Sage 100 and 300 CRE is safe and will continue to be supported and enhanced for many years.

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If you are interested in a native cloud offering, Withum’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Team can work closely with your organization to understand your specific needs and identify if Sage Intacct Construction is the best fit.