Repeal of Affordable Care Act Fails Twice in as Many Days


Repeal of Affordable Care Act Fails Twice in as Many Days

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In a procedural vote held Tuesday, July 25, Senate Republicans, in a 43-57 vote, were unable to pass the Better Care Reconciliation Act (“BCRA”)- the Senate version of the American Health Care Act. The BCRA needed 60 votes to pass since the Congressional Budget Office had not yet assessed the measure.

Coming on the heels of this vote, a partial repeal amendment also failed to pass through the Senate in a 45-55 vote. This partial repeal would have repealed many significant provisions of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) such as Medicaid expansion and premium tax subsidies but did not provide any replacement alternatives. The partial repeal would have given lawmakers two years to prepare a replacement.

Next up is a potential “skinny repeal” bill that would repeal the individual and employer mandates and also the medical device excise tax but would leave Medicaid expansion in place. Premium tax subsidies and other tax provisions of the ACA would remain in place under this bill.

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