On-Demand Webinar: Current Automation Landscape for Healthcare Organizations

Transform How Your Healthcare Organization Operates

In this webinar, presenters from Withum and Nintex, give an overview of the current automation landscape in the healthcare industry, share use cases where automation technologies are best applied and how healthcare organizations are transforming the way they operate.

Healthcare organizations are continuously looking to provide a better customer/patient experience, increase efficiency and keep down operational costs. To achieve these goals and save a significant amount of money, process automation is key for the healthcare industry. Automation technologies have helped healthcare professionals pass off time-consuming and manual work from human to machine.

Viewers Will Learn How To

  • Apply the knowledge from this session to the Healthcare field to uncover opportunities for Process Automation gains
  • Identify real world and customer success stories/use cases where Process Automation can benefit different departments within the Healthcare Industry
  • Understand which regulatory compliance requirements (like HIPAA, PII and others) are solved by Process Automation Flows