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On-Demand Webinar: Avoiding Debilitating Cyber Attacks for your Healthcare Organization

Hospitals and other healthcare providers are under attack. Nefarious attackers do not care if they prevent these organizations from providing products or services that are lifesaving. Ransomware is the most common method for halting operations and extracting as much money as possible. Most organizations that have been breached have succumbed to two major types of attacks: password and phishing. These attacks still work because so many companies have not implemented defenses that have been available for a decade.

Are these attacks preventable? Is ransomware a new normal?

Join Manuel Capello, Lead, Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management, Assistant vCISO, Incident Response, for this session and you will learn about the economics of ransomware, favorite attacks that keep hackers winning, and what do to about it.

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Viewers Will Learn About:

  • Analyze the economics of ransomware
  •  Identify the anatomy of the most common attacks
  • Prepare to defend against ransomware and the common attacks

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