Major Cases Helped by Digital Forensics: The Casey Anthony Trial

One of the most publicized cases in a long time, the Casey Anthony trial has involved a variety of expert witnesses. Last week the prosecution called for the testimony of a computer forensic expert who had examined a hard drive related to the case.

Up to this point, the case had not had any significant breakthroughs and most of the evidence was circumstantial. The examiner was facing a tough problem and the defense was ready to attack the findings. The forensic analysis showed that although there were searches for chloroform, neck breaking, and how to make chloroform, it was too difficult to determine who performed the searches. In most cases, the evidence left over contains information about which user was logged in and performed the searches. However, since the Internet history had been deleted, only the bare remnants of the data were left, and they did not contain which user had performed the search. Because the computer was shared by members of the house, the examiner could not pinpoint with certainty which user account was logged in at the time.

It is unclear if any more computer forensics will come into play in the case, but it is certainly going to be interesting to observe as the trial

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