IRS Tax Exempt & Government Entities Division Releases its FY 2021 Priorities

The IRS Tax Exempt & Government Entities (TE/GE) division recently released its FY 2021 Program Letter, listing its priorities and strategic goals for the new fiscal year.

This annual guidance was redesigned for FY 2021, and is presented as a compact summary of goals and steps to achieve those goals, in sync with the IRS’s strategic priorities. Among their focus:

  • Strengthening compliance activities through:
    • Collaboration across IRS on existing and emerging issues, such as syndicated conservation easements and abusive charitable remainder annuity trusts.
    • Supporting tax compliance in the global high wealth arena, especially for private foundations, and retirement plans of closely held businesses, such as employee stock ownership plans.
    • Fostering voluntary compliance by using enhanced techniques to identify and develop civil and criminal fraud.
  • Expanding e-filing of Forms 990-series, 8038-CP and 5500-EZ, and continue to work toward electronic determination letter applications.
  • Leveraging technology and data analytics through noncompliance research and data analytics to detect emerging issues.
  • Merging TE/GE Knowledge Management into the IRS Knowledge Management platform to encourage information sharing.

It should be noted that ultimately the IRS TE/GE plan for the year is fluid and their priorities can change, however this letter provides some useful insight into their planned focus for the coming fiscal year.

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