How to Gain Exposure Within the Auto-Tech Industry

You live in this technologically forward world, you try to keep up with the latest trends, like trying to learn those new TikTok dances; well, maybe not so much, but you do have this significant business venture with compelling ideas, innovative products and services with no idea where to start sharing it.Do not worry; we got you covered!Gaining the proper exposure for your business is vital to growth and success, and Withum knows where you can begin!

How often have you been interested in a product or service, but the website is uninviting and not user-friendly? I would venture to say that most of us decided not to purchase the product or service due to uncertainty of its legitimacy or the ability to maneuver through the site. A well-designed website that properly showcases prospective customers of your brand is essential. Clear communication of your business message directly to clients and detail-oriented content will allow you to sell directly to clients. Blogs and social media posts are also a great way of getting your service or product out there, especially if there is something new to offer!

With so many available social media platforms today, it is almost near impossible to choose one to show potential clients the various options you must meet their needs. The good news is you do not have to choose one. Being on numerous social media platforms and implementing a multichannel eCommerce strategy for your business will have more success in broadening your reach to consumers while also creating a diverse base. Hashtags are another great way to capture keywords that draw consumers in, such as #AutoTech or #DealershipTechnology.

Those trending keywords will help soar your business to the top of Google searches. It is wise to create a business profile on Google and become verified (business owners can do this by providing a legal document in the owner’s name and of their business license, etc.) to increase your company’s legitimacy.

Utilizing this approach will also put your business on Google maps which will allow customers to write reviews and prospective customers to decide on your business. Of course, maintaining your presence on social media, on your website, and online is crucial to be relevant in the industry and keeping your business afloat; though this can sometimes be overwhelming. Another way to gain exposure – and a helping hand – is through paid advertisements.There are a variety of paid advertisements to choose from that will help your business and not break the bank. Google, Instagram, and Facebook are excellent ways of choosing a standard fee based on the amount of days/weeks you would like to run your ad. You can also reach out to your community, such as a popular local radio station/podcast, to advertise to listening audiences.

Another excellent way to increase exposure is by attending highly concentrated industry conferences such as NADA, NIADA, or other state-level dealership associations. Depending on the conference, you can pick up dozens of new prospects and even a few clients with a minimal investment of a fewthousand dollars.

Finally, let your potential customers see what you have to offer. Giveaways or specialty discounted promotions can significantly boost your business and help new customers engage with your products. No one has ever turned down a good deal!If your business is well-established, other ways to gain exposure are though charitable contributions to local and/or national campaigns having a well-known sponsor invest in your business, or you yourself can plan an extravagant event that highlights your business and other local businesses with a grand prize or auction towards the end.

With these simple avenues, you can easily share your product or service offering with eager customers and allow your business to flourish and gain the exposure it needs to succeed!

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