Case Study: Global Coffee Distributor Modernizes E-Commerce Platform Delivering Powerful Business Results

The Challenge

As with any consumer product, the larger the presence the better the chances of achieving success and brand awareness. To keep up with the trends and boost profits, the client launched their online store in the early 2000s. Since the first launch, they had done one refresh in 2012. As technology and consumer trends evolved over the years, the online store platform became outdated again. To be recognized for excellence in both online and offline channels, the client understood that their online strategy had to evolve as well.

Our client told us that in 2016, online sales grew steadily all over the world and are reaching, if not exceeding, 10% of total retail. China and U.S. account for 55% of global online sales. The client is selling directly online to four of the 10 main e-commerce markets. Europe, UK, Germany and France accounted for 67% of total online sales.

The client was combating the following constraints with their e-commerce platform:

  • Technology was driving the project, instead of the business.
  • Too many software customizations.
  • Speed to market with new product and marketing campaigns was not achievable due to significant effort and costs to maintain a technology driven platform.
  • Overall, too much time was spent on IT aspects, with too little time dedicated to running the business.
  • Data analytics (i.e. metrics) were not at the client’s fingertips to take action and grow the business.

About the Client

Headquartered in Italy, the world-renowned coffee brand with a global distribution on all five continents, throughout 140 countries, employs over 1,200 people. Their blends are served in over 100,000 retailers worldwide, online and in stores, bars and restaurants, with over 7 million cups of coffee consumed every day. In 2015, the company had brought in over $536 million in revenue (437 million EUR).

Food and Beverage Case Study

The strength of Withum is with its people and with [their] experts who can help any organization navigate through the most difficult of projects and business challenges to ultimately drive excellent results.
Maureen Badura
Sr. E-Commerce Manager/illy caffe of North America


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