Getting Started With Sage Intacct Dashboards for Financial Reporting

In today’s evolving market, transparency is pivotal. Sage Intacct’s dashboards are screen accessible through a desktop or mobile device. It displays numerous elements, including performance cards, lists, graphs, charts, and reports. Dashboards may be set up as public (available to anyone at the company with a Sage Intacct login) or private (available only to the individual user). Sage Intacct offers versatility as users can access multiple dashboards and toggle between them.

Sage Intacct’s dashboards are interactive and allow users to engage with data far more easily. With the ability to drill into various on-screen metrics and interact with the underlying data at the transactional level. Intacct offers the flexibility to have any dashboard on your homepage, making it easy to see real-time data and the company’s overall health. You can create several dashboards, whether role-based or project related, the options are boundless.

To create a dashboard, go to Dashboards > All and click the + sign beside Dashboards. Set up each tab: Appearance, Filters and Permissions before clicking Save.

You also have the option to clone an existing dashboard. To copy an existing dashboard, go to the dashboard you would like to use as the model. In the upper right corner, click the pages icon. In the dashboard properties window, enter a new Title. Set up the Appearance, Filters and Permissions and click Save.

Once you have completed the setup, the next step is to create charts, general information, performance cards, records, reports or Smart Links that you want to see on this dashboard. Each piece of content is called a component. You can easily add, delete, edit, and move components directly from the dashboard.

In a multi-entity organization, it allows you to filter and show a specific location or entity from the top of the dashboard page:

Intacct dashboards can be customized for various purposes, which offers the ability to enable your team to make informed decisions and address problems before they escalate into major issues. Dashboards can help you stay on track with expenses and accounts payables. At a glance, you can see your costs and outstanding bills in real-time at any time and avoid an unanticipated and unwelcome situation at the end of the month.

With full visibility into your organization, you enable yourself and your team to be proactive with their decision-making. Sage Intacct’s dashboards convey the big financial picture and can be tailored to each user. You can choose metrics that matter most to each user and Sage Intacct will populate the dashboards with live data.

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