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Marina is a Partner with over 25 years of extensive experience in providing all aspects of global transfer pricing services to multinational firms operating in various countries and across multiple industries. She advises clients regarding the market/arm’s-length nature of their transfer pricing structure related to cross-border transfers of tangible goods, intellectual property (technology or marketing intangible assets developed, such as proprietary software/hardware/processes, trademarks, trade names, brand names), administrative and other services, and intercompany financing.

Marina provides transfer pricing documentation for tax compliance purposes, transfer pricing planning analyses for start-ups or restructuring or globalization of operations, transfer pricing analyses to support corporations’ world-wide tax minimization strategies and analyses to support negotiations with multiple tax authorities for advance pricing agreements and tax controversy/audit defense situations. She advises multinational corporations and their worldwide affiliates in navigating and complying with the vast array of transfer pricing guidelines and methods applicable in different countries, as well as OECD guidelines.

Her experience advising a diverse client base operating in multiple industries and countries, including consumer electronics, entertainment (music and motion picture production), software development, information services, financial services, e-commerce, retail pharmacy, transportation, and pharmaceutical firms, among others.

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Give Back

Marina is passionate about volunteering in her community. Her family supports their local food and clothing pantry through regular donations and volunteering time. She focuses on causes close to her heart, ones that have helped friends and family in times of need, specifically organizations that help grieving families. Marina provides a safe space for friends and neighbors facing tension and challenges at home. She also works with small businesses and foundations in her community, offering business guidance and advice.

Marina is a sought-after speaker at leading industry conferences.

Work Hard/Play Hard

Outside of the office, Marina enjoys spending time with her family. She has two sons and enjoys activities like seeing live music (specifically taking road trips to see The Front Bottoms), cooking new and old family recipes, and traveling, especially to the small city of Sulmona in the Abruzzo region of Italy to visit friends and family.

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