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Leonard (Lenny) is a tax partner with over 16 years of public accounting experience. As leader of the Life Science Tax Practice, he specializes in corporate and pass-through taxation, advising clients on R&D credit opportunities, Qualified Small Business Stock, M&A transactions, Section 382 limitations, transfer pricing and equity-based compensation. Lenny also has extensive experience with individual taxation, advising clients on charitable planning, business succession and tax controversy.

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Monetized Installment Sales: The Newest Member of the IRS’ “Dirty Dozen”

The IRS’ “Dirty Dozen” is an annual list warning taxpayers of abusive tax arrangements, schemes, scams, and shams. It’s no surprise to see “Monetized Installment Sales” (“M453”) join the “bad […]

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Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce: Talking Taxes with Lenny Smith

Withum is proud to share that Lenny Smith, CPA, MSA, and a Withum principal, was recently featured as a tax expert on the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce podcast. Listen […]

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Net Operating Losses: 100% Of The Time, They Work 80% Of The Time…

You’re heading into year-end and your corporation is showing its first profit. Congrats! What about your tax bill? You aren’t worried because you have plenty of net operating losses (“NOLs”) […]

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