With cyber-attacks increasing around the world, it is imperative that financial institutions take precautions to ensure that robust security measures have been applied and are operating effectively.

What is SWIFT CSP and Why is it Important?

The SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) is a global program with a combination of mandatory and advisory security controls and standards, each of which has been developed specifically with financial institutions in mind. Each year Swift issues an updated version of the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF), and companies need to support their attestation with an independent assessment. The deadline for attestation, and independent assessment, is 31 December.

What to Know About SWIFT Customer Security Programme Assessments

The assessment needs to be performed based on the CSCF, which covers many topics, such as network security, audit logging and detection, and incident management.

SWIFT CSP assessments are performed by independent assessors with an in-depth knowledge of the CSP requirements. This allows them to objectively evaluate the institution’s current security risk, identify critical vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations for strengthening their logical and physical environment.

How Can Withum Help?

Withum is proud to announce that we are now a registered CSP assessment provider listed on the SWIFT website, with regional coverage across North and South America, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

By undergoing a SWIFT CSP assessment, financial institutions can show customers and regulators that they take security seriously and are dedicated to keeping their data and assets secure. This assessment acts as a preventative measure to help financial institutions identify deficiencies in their logical and physical environments before an attack occurs.

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