On-Demand Webinar: Microsoft 365 – Your Gateway to Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Protection

As your business invests in cloud and mobile technology, it’s important to understand the ever-changing security threat landscape and how you can protect your digital estate.

Organizations now find themselves responsible for protecting a set of technologies they may not own. That can be things like user-owned mobile devices that are used to access corporate data or systems and devices that your partners and customers use to access your information. Any one of these points can be a point of vulnerability for your overall estate. That changes the game when it comes to security. You can no longer draw perimeters around your organization.

In this interactive webinar, Withum’s Daniel Cohen-Dumani, Chris Ertz and Max Herve discuss how to proactively safeguard your company against threats and ensure you’re up-to-date with compliance with the help of Microsoft 365.