On-Demand Webinar: Revenue Recognition for Nonprofits

Withum’s Not-for-Profit Weekly Virtual Learning Series: Navigating New Roads

The timing of recognizing revenue for nonprofits in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles can be challenging. Not-for-profits often have multiple revenue streams including government grants and contracts, foundation grants, dues and fees for service.

Listen in as we provide you with information, including analysis of language from actual grants and contracts, to assist you in properly identifying the nature of nonprofit revenue and the related financial statement presentation.

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Viewers Will Learn How To:

  • Distinguish between contributions and exchange transactions
  • Identify conditional and unconditional contributions and the effect on financial reporting
  • Explain the five step revenue recognition process under Topic 606


Visit our
Not-for-Profit Center on YouTube to view more on-demand webinars in the Navigating New Roads series.


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