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5 Signs You Are Ready to Explore Outsourced Accounting Services for Your Business

1. Your company is growing

A company that is growing and expanding will require additional resources. Time, money, and human resources will be spent hiring, training, and maintaining employees. Engaging in an outsourced accounting service alleviates the need to hire new accounting staff, and provides the flexibility to scale up or scale down their own internal staff. The need for additional staff can hinder a company’s ability to grow as routine tasks become overwhelming, but an outsourced accounting service mitigates that hindrance by allocating additional resources to the company’s engagement. Reducing investment in human resources can also maximize investment elsewhere, such as production, which can further increase the growth of your company.

2. You want to cut costs

Hiring an outsourced accounting service is significantly more cost-effective than hiring internal accounting staff. An outsourced accounting service would mitigate paying those internal staff paid time off, insurance, vacation, etc. along with a full-time salary. Internal accountants and bookkeepers would also need updated software and tools to efficiently do their jobs, increasing operating expenses. Accounting firms will have the updated tools at a fraction of the cost. With less resources allocated, business owners can choose to reallocate those resources to add value to their respective value chain. For example, a business would receive more value by hiring a product designer or a sales representative rather than a bookkeeper.

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3. You need help with financial decisions

Hiring an outsourced accounting service can provide a whole team of experience rather than one or more internal staff. This provides business owners with more effective advisement that will lead to more effective and responsible financial decision-making. Additionally, an outsourced accounting service can lend extra credibility to a client’s financial statements and reduce the risk of non-compliance with laws and regulations. Hiring an outsourced accounting service will enable business owners to focus on growing their company while providing peace of mind and confidence to make the necessary financial decisions.

4. You want to enhance security

Outsourced accounting services, especially those belonging to significant accounting firms, employ security systems and protocols that are more advanced than the average business. Maintaining the security and confidentiality of clients’ information is a high priority for accounting firms. Enlisting in an outsourced accounting service will provide greater security, access control, confidentiality, data backup, and significantly more internal controls to protect a business’s financial information and can reduce the likelihood of being exploited by hackers.

5. You want to improve processes

Outsource firms can provide significantly more efficient accounting processes. They offer the best methods and controls to provide efficient and timely data to their clients. Companies will likely find that outsourced accounting will reduce the time it takes to close books, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually, and they can develop improved standards to meet regulatory requirements. The latest accounting software and tools, accounting procedures, knowledge of GAAP, and expertise can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and position the company for growth.

Author: Rhett Chrystal | rchrystal@withum.com

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