The business world keeps changing and growing and we’ve come to see that CFOs now more than ever are in need of a trusted advisor who can assist them in not only providing support and stability but also play a strategic role in helping the organization make data-driven decisions.

Withum’s Financial Planning and Analysis Team provides that stress-free solution of a perfectly framed financial picture, saving companies valuable time and money. Every business’s needs are different based on their stage in the business lifecycle, so we tailor our services to fit exactly what you need.

We work with businesses of all size, from large organizations that prefer not to staff and manage an accounting department, to smaller entities or startups that need a 360-degree approach to direction and support.

Our Services

By outsourcing your Financial Planning and Analysis processes, you can reduce costs, improve the bottom line and increase productivity.

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Burn Rate Analysis
  • HeadCount
  • Sales Forecasting & Revenue Projection
  • Data Analytics

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Nina Chmura


East Brunswick, NJ

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