This is the 726th blog that has been posted here on a twice a week schedule since Feb 8, 2012. Thank you for reading them and contacting me with comments. So far I haven’t figured out how to monetize the blogs, but I am getting value in other ways.

The value is in my pleasure writing them as a form of creative expression; helping people with applicable bits of information drawn on my experience, and some blogs are focused toward people I want to engage me on that topic. I enjoy sharing what I believe is helpful information; spotlighting some of our firm’s activities with interesting people or interesting services, and some posts I just have fun with. The blogs have also made me a thought leader in certain areas and also a better writer and better able to express myself succinctly and to get to the point clearly. They have also provided public expressions of my expertise in some issues of concern to clients and people they might refer me to. A lot of the blogs are relaxing to write – actually, the first drafts are all very relaxing; the editing to tighten them up, not as much.

Being obligated, at least in my mind, to write two blogs a week has made me more aware of my surroundings, what goes on and the complexities, ambiguities, and craziness that occurs. This awareness is the fuel for what I write, and perhaps a reason for writing the blogs.

Last year I expressed the hope that I could organize the blogs and have them published as a few books. The posted blogs are over 350,000 words filing over 825 pages. They could easily become three books, but it would take time, and I would rather spend my writing time creating new blogs and articles than rehashing and editing what I already recorded. While I am an accountant, and we are associated with numbers, much of what I do professionally other than the time at consultations is with written prose with some accompanying numbers. I no longer prepare financial statements – there are plenty of people at Withum that do that excellently – but if you look closely many financial statements have about five pages of numbers and twenty or more of writing.

Back to why I do these blogs – I like to, and I hope you like reading them and can put some of them to good use.

Not everything we do has to show a bottom line profit.

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