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Free Booklets – Mea Culpa


What seemed like a good idea has become a problem for me; a good problem and I will get it done.

In my previous blog, I offered readers choices of five speech handouts that I would send them. Besides getting a ton of emails, which I appreciate and am glad to see the interest, some asked for all of them but most asked for two or three. I do this myself and it is not a cookie-cutter project as it is when I only need to send a single booklet. Additionally, I have postings elsewhere offering different booklets to those readers. So, responding to the requests has become difficult to do easily and quickly.

The five booklets I offered are:

  • How the Stock Market Works and the Role of CPAs Advising Clients
  • What Accounting Is and What Accountants Do
  • What Auditing Is and What Auditors Do
  • Forensic Accounting and Fraud Prevention Controls
  • Accountants’ Advisory Services for Clients’ Buy-Sell Agreements

I started responding right away and to reduce the time what I am going to do is send all five to everyone that requested any booklets. This actually will take less time than filling individual requests, but will still take time and I cannot get it all done right away. I worked it out where I will send the booklets in three emails to each person. Two will have one attachment and one will have three, based on the size of the files. I also decided not to combine the booklets so you will receive five separate booklets.

You’ll get them. It will just take a little longer than usual.

Also, if you haven’t responded, please do so now as this offer will not be repeated. I will from time to time offer booklets, but not more than one at one time. Also, I now got myself in the response mode so take advantage of it.

The top four booklets on the list above were prepared for students. The buy-sell booklet was for colleagues advising clients and has some very serious and invaluable business owner focused information. Also, the stock market booklet has four pretty sophisticated charts that you should find insightful. To get the booklets email me your request to GoodiesFromEd@withum.com, and just put “5 booklets” as the Subject. No messages please and allow about a week for me to email them. I like what I wrote and have seen positive results from the programs I gave and am gratified that I could share these handouts with readers of my blogs.

These booklets also provide a glimpse into services we provide, so if you are in need of any such services, send me an email with your phone number and I’ll call you to discuss and will match you up with the right person here at Withum.

If you have any business or financial issues you want to discuss please do not hesitate to contact me at emendlowitz@withum.com.

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