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Happy Fourth Anniversary, Partners-Network Blog!

Happy Fourth Anniversary, Partners-Network Blog!

This makes the end of the fourth year of the The blogs address issues clients have and cover a wide range of essential areas. Accounting, taxation, business and not-for-profit organization management and leadership, business valuation and forensic accounting, estate, succession and financial planning, accounting history and some other things that interest me.

Occasionally I am asked about the blog’s name – what does “partners-network” have to do with what I write about? Nothing! When the blog was started it was intended to deal with practice management issues for accountants. We have a Partners’ Network group that includes 1200 accountants across the country that gets practice management and technical advice from Peter, Frank and me. We also run three continuing education programs a year. The blog’s intended audience was those accountants. When preparing to set up the blog I wrote an inventory of four practice management articles and four general financial articles to have if no new ideas developed that week. The intention was to post one blog per week. Sarah Cirelli, our social media guru, was able to get the name – a coup for us.

Right from the beginning, issues arose where it seemed appropriate to respond to clients’ general questions with blogs that they and other clients could read. With the volume of questions from my active practice, writing two articles a weekworked out very well. Now there is a 400 article body of work. I also know that a lot of fellow professionals read the blogs because they call me for further elucidation. The practice management questions are addressed by postings at the site about once a week. I also write an autobiographical column every Monday at that deals with my experiences working as a CPA managing staff, servicing clients and building my practice.

A few of my blog posts were guest-written by other professionals at Withum who were better qualified on the topic and I alwayscredited those helping me.

Right now, I send 25 to 30 links a week to previous blogs responding to clients’ questions. I also send a few reprints of blogs depending on the question. Many of the blogs have been used in speech handouts easing my preparation for those programs. I also put last year’s blogs in one file and will email it to anyone requesting it.

I enjoy writing the blogs and have great back-up from Sarah Cirelli who does some editing as well asthe actual posting.Often times, others in our marketing department help outmaking this is a true team effort.

Thank you for reading them.

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