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SharePoint 2016 Development & Consulting Services

Withum offers on-premise SharePoint 2016 development and consulting services to help you with the implementation of the intranet and collaboration tool designed to enhance the way your employees work, increasing both productivity and profitability for your organization.

Our SharePoint 2016 development services cover the full spectrum of SharePoint implementation and installation, from the initial planning of a move to SharePoint 2016, all the way through the migration, design, development, configuration, and intranet customization phases. Our SharePoint solutions are designed with scalability in mind, to align with the long term growth and digital transformation of your business.

Through in-depth planning and consultation, Withum will help you take advantage of the many capabilities of SharePoint 2016. If you’re looking for help with a SharePoint 2016 deployment, we offer completely customized development and consulting services, and our experts can guide you through the entire implementation process, ensuring there’s no interruption in your day to day processes. Our SharePoint 2016 consultants can save your employee’s hours of valuable time by developing plans for the simplification and consolidation of your existing SharePoint intranet and workflows, and finding opportunities for the creation of new workflows by identifying processes fit for automation.

Looking to upgrade to SharePoint 2016, or need help customizing your current SharePoint 2016 solution? Talk to a SharePoint specialist today. Click here to book a free consultation, or give us a call at (240) 406-9960.

Features of SharePoint 2016

Built on a cloud-inspired infrastructure, SharePoint 2016 is a whole new way to think about Microsoft’s classic on-premise platform. It comes with a variety of enhancements that accelerate time to value for organizations. Accessing information on the go, automating processes, and keeping your team in touch are key factors for making your organization more successful — and with SharePoint 2016 it’s easy.

Aside from its new features, SharePoint 2016 is being positioned as the ultimate hybrid solution when coupled with Office 365. SharePoint 2016 is built on the privacy and stability of its predecessors, while leveraging its cloud-capabilities into private data centers. It now offers online document creation and collaboration, while allowing those documents to be saved back on secure, local servers. Wherever your employees are located, with SharePoint 2016, they can work seamlessly together to make sure productivity never suffers.

SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Capabilities Inspired by the Cloud

The infrastructure of SharePoint 2016 is designed to be flexible. Gone is the Office suite designed solely for word processing, email messaging, and spreadsheets. The new SharePoint solutions have changed the way we work through new capabilities to share, co-author, and collaborate from any device, any where. With the introduction of new cooperative features, like Hybrid Search, the capabilities gap between cloud-based, and on-premise processes is closing, rapidly. Having the freedom to communicate collaboratively, you can begin to incorporate your on-premise experience with the productivity advantages enabled by the cloud, at a pace that’s comfortable for your organization.


Same Trusted Security with New Compliance Features

Like previous iterations, SharePoint Server 2016 is backed by Microsoft’s trusted security and compliance network. There are a variety of ways to customize your privacy and security features to ensure your sensitive business information is never compromised. Have documents that need to be erased regularly for compliance purposes? SharePoint 2016 now connects with OneDrive to simultaneously delete files from both environments. The platform also now supports Data Loss Prevention, which can save you the hefty price of paying for a third party application (we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars). With SharePoint 2016, document security is no longer a burden. It’s easy to give and restrict appropriate access to the right information, at the precise time your employees need it.


In today’s business landscape, being able to make decisions on-the-go is a critical aspect for many organizations. SharePoint 2016 offers a modern user experience, including the addition of a dedicated mobile app with touch-based experiences that drastically improve mobile usability. SharePoint 2016 also comes complete with the much-anticipated addition of durable links, keeping any hyperlinks you share intact, regardless of whether the document is changed or moved. The changes to SharePoint 2016 allow individuals and teams to access the documents and applications they need quicker and easier, and they make sharing and collaborating on files much simpler.

SharePoint 2016 vs. 2013

After creating SharePoint Online, Microsoft learned a lot about it’s capabilities in the cloud, and they brought those features to SharePoint 2016. If you are currently hosting SharePoint 2013, the switch to SharePoint 2016 means more than just new bells and whistles. It’s faster, more reliable, and has all the best parts of its cloud-based predecessor, SharePoint Online.

Some features new to SharePoint 2016 include:

  • Large file support (over 2,047 MB)
  • New compliance features
  • Improved document library accessibility
  • Improved file naming features
  • Supports encrypted connection by default
  • Free automatic updates
  • Zero downtime for patching

Concerned about capability needs outside of what SharePoint offers? SharePoint 2016 customization has never been as powerful as it is today with an updated third-party application store, and through increased hybrid integration with Microsoft’s Office 365, there are endless opportunities for process innovation.

Have questions about a SharePoint 2016 installation? Click here to schedule a free consultation or give us a call at (240) 406-9960.

SharePoint 2016 Development Services

Whether you’re looking for help with a SharePoint 2016 deployment, or are curious about how you can customize your existing solution, our experts can guide you in the right direction. We can help you pick out compatible third party applications, find time-saving opportunities for task automation, or work with you to create a whole new intranet plan from scratch. Our SharePoint 2016 installation and development services cover every nuance of the platform, offering expertise on every part of the design, development, and implementation phases. With decades of SharePoint expertise, we can assist you in all areas of SharePoint 2016 customization and migration in order to meet the specific needs of your organization.

As seasoned SharePoint professionals, we’ve had our hands in every aspect of the digital workplace transformation. We’ve helped businesses with everything from portal, intranet, and website design, enterprise search, setting up security and compliance features, to assisting with document and content management, workflow creation and business automation, and the development of a social enterprise. Whether you want to implement a new intranet or extranet solution, or upgrade from an existing platform, we’ve got you covered with our full-scope of migration and upgrade services.

Upgrading to SharePoint 2016

When upgrading or switching to a new management system, we realize that there are a lot of moving pieces at play. By reaching out to us, you can get personalized help with your SharePoint 2016 deployment. We guarantee a smooth, successful transition by taking the time to understand your existing foundation and architecture to decide on the best migration path for your organization — looking at both your existing processes and anticipated needs. Finally, we’ll make sure you and your employees walk away with the understanding needed to extract the full value of your new intranet solution.

Ready to increase employee efficiency and productivity through a new collaboration platform? Contact Withum today about upgrading to Sharepoint 2016.

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