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An audit, a regulatory issue or criminal or civil proceedings can trigger a need to identify, collect, and preserve electronically stored information (ESI). When you or your client has such a need, you want to bring expert help in quickly, because data is perishable and expertise is critical. Due-diligence, audits, incidents, regulatory, legal holds, civil and/or criminal matters, all trigger the need to professionally and appropriately identify, collect and preserve your electronic data.

Withum’s CFI/e-Discovery flexible portfolio of services allows for reliable results and well-informed decision making. From less complex situations, such as simple data collection and preservations, to bypassing sophisticated passwords and encryption technologies including mobile phones and devices, to some of the largest and most sophisticated e-Discovery cases, data breaches, data leakage, trade secret theft, hacking, and wiretaps.

Withum’s team has the expertise developed and honed in some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated e-Discovery cases, breaches, data leakage, asset identification, intellectual property theft, fraud, hacking, whistleblowing, network wiretaps, including the DOJ, FSA, SEC and others.

Withum CFI/e-Discovery offers e-Discovery, cyber forensics investigations and an integrated suite of capabilities. We take a comprehensive, three-dimensional approach, making sure that all relevant cross-channel input and multidisciplinary considerations are taken into account. But more than that, we develop an investigation support work plan with clients to ensure confidentiality and support business continuity, minimizing potential disruptions.

Getting the facts is imperative, but the business must also remain operational.

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Withum's CFI/e-Discovery Services

  • Cyber Forensics
  • Expert Digital Forensics and e-Discovery
  • Corporate Capability
  • Incident Response


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