Withum’s U.S. India Corridor (“U.S. India”) Services, a subset of our International Tax Services, are focused on supporting U.S. companies planning to enter, or currently operating in the Indian market — by way of investments, acquisitions and growth strategy.

Tax Services for Business Operating in the U.S. India Corridor

It is surprisingly challenging to maintain both U.S. and India regulatory compliance, across multiple jurisdictions, without a partner that’s fully familiar with the intricacies of doing business in both countries.

Whether you’re a U.S. headquartered company looking to expand into India, or an Indian headquartered company wanting to do business in the U.S., our international tax consultants provide cross-functional advisory, tax, and audit services that address the specific needs of both outbound and inbound operations.

U.S. Companies That Want to Do Businesses in India

Ease of entry depends directly upon your approach to market. We’ll help with:

  • Inbound investment advisory and entity setup
  • Market entry strategy reviews
  • Entity type selection
  • Location selection
  • Special economic zones/tax holiday evaluation
  • Expatriate planning
  • Permanent account number (“PAN”) card assistance
  • Setting up of legal entity/liaison office formation
  • Shared service center assistance
  • Direct tax & indirect tax
  • Compliance checklist and filing requirements

Our direct and indirect international tax services include:

  • Direct tax compliance
  • Regulatory & statutory compliance
  • Customs/central excise duties and tariffs
  • Goods & service sax (GST)
  • Special economic zones (“SEZ”) & tax holiday evaluation

We have a full range of global transfer pricing services that include:

  • Transfer pricing planning and documentation
  • Local documentation studies, functions and risk comparability analysis
  • Review of existing agreements
  • Multijurisdictional documentation studies
  • Supply chain restructuring
  • Structuring cost-sharing arrangements for intercompany transactions

Our U.S. India Tax Services provides transactional services like:

  • Tax/finance due diligence
  • Tax Planning & Restructuring
  • Tax treaty analysis
  • Debt financing/restructuring
  • Cash repatriation
  • Liquidation of entity/liaison office
  • IPO planning and related consideration
  • Project management and coordination

Indian Companies That Want to Do Business in the United States

If you’re headquartered in India and are looking to expand into the United States, you’ll need a team who understands the many nuances of U.S. corporate tax law to support your inbound operations.

To support growth efforts we provide the following services:

  • Entity type selection
  • Location selection
  • State incentive guidance
  • State and local tax advisory
  • Federal ID requests & registrations
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services
  • Introduction to partner network of banks and law firms

Handing over the accounting reigns isn’t easy, but we do our due diligence by providing assurance and general advisory services like:

  • Financial Statement audit and review
  • Preparation of audit summaries for Indian parent companies
  • Benefit plan audits
  • Domestic and cross border M&A
  • Forensic accounting review
  • Buy and sell-side due diligence
  • Valuation

Our income and non-income tax services include:

  • Compliance (Federal, State, Sales & use tax)
  • US international tax compliance
  • Transfer pricing study
  • R&D Credit
  • Tax provision computation/ETR review
  • IRS audit defense
  • State nexus study/Wayfair analysis
  • Sales & use taxes
  • Sales tax credits/exemptions
  • Property tax appeal/negotiations
  • Employment tax

Being an expatriate is tough; being an expatriate in charge can be even tougher. We offer a line of services specifically to support relocated executives find peace of mind.

  • Income tax compliance
  • Resident or non-resident determination for income tax purposes
  • Foreign tax credit study

Why Choose Withum As Your U.S. India Corridor Team

If you’re operating in the U.S. India Corridor and are looking for a single place for all your international consulting, advisory, and tax implementation services, we’re the right partner for you. Whether your entering the market, selling your company, or anything in between, when you partner with Withum you get access to a team of global experts, and a local contact for tailored support.

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