Withum’s Environmental, Social and Governance Services Team helps organizations implement meaningful ESG policies and practices. Withum’s ESG services range from advising general partners on the ESG integration strategies that minimize portfolio risk and maximize value to implementing robust internal control and governance over ESG-related metrics.  Public companies, private equity and hedge fund managers, and investment bankers benefit from Withum’s ESG advisory expertise and deep bench of experienced consultants and CPAs.

Our ESG Services start with guiding organizations on the most suitable ESG strategy to meet their objectives. Whether it’s a manufacturer required to complete an ESG survey, a banker looking for hidden risk or a manager raising capital, Withum professionals know the best course of action to meet their needs. Withum aims to support sustainable business models that maximize long-term enterprise value while creating a better world for all.

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ESG Advisory and Assurance Services

Withum provides the tools companies require to develop, implement and maintain their own ESG program. Whether you are a public company, investment manager or need internal support, our services will fit your needs.

ESG for Alternative Asset Managers

Balancing investor demands with regulatory requirements while considering the client’s values is how successful ESG programs are designed. Withum develops and supports ESG programs that meet internal and external needs.

  • ESG & DEI Policies and workflows
  • Climate considerations
  • Due Diligence and PRI reporting support
  • Portfolio company reporting 

M&A ESG Due Diligence 

Identifying the hidden risks missed by traditional financial diligence is the cornerstone of ESG due diligence. Understanding how non-financial ESG factors affect near and long-term enterprise value is critical to the banker & advisor.

  • ESG due diligence (buy and sell side)
  • De-SPAC diligence
  • Assessing regulatory compliance and capabilities
  • Post-merger SEC regulatory support

Corporate Sustainability

Companies today are judged not just on their profitability but also on their environmental and social impact. Companies that become more sustainable and can tell their story will be better off in the long term.

  • Evaluate ESG profile
  • ESG reporting to owners and customers
  • Improve Public Company ESG rating
  • Measure Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Develop environmentally friendly programs

SEC ESG Climate Reporting

Creating and maintaining internal controls over ESG on par with financial controls is critical. And equally critical is finding a member PCAOB CPA firm that has the experience to evaluate and report on climate reporting.

  • Internal control assessment
  • Implement TCFD framework
  • SEC climate reporting implementation
  • Independent assurance (audit) reporting on climate

Attention Public Companies

Let Withum conduct an in-depth ESG structural analysisto get you started on increasing enterprise value, reducing risk and meet SEC regulations.

Who Should Consider ESG Consulting and Advisory Services

Public Companies

  • Looking to implement TCFD
  • SEC Climate Reporting
  • Upgrade Internal controls over sustainability reporting
  • Meet investor requirements
  • Mate net zero commitment

Private Companies

  • Maximizing enterprise value
  • Looking to go public
  • Seeking investment capital
  • Contemplating M&A activities
  • Marketing support for ESG

Investment Managers

  • Raising institutional capital
  • Looking to become a PRI signatory
  • Evaluate climate risk and its GHG footprint
  • Supporting sustainable business
  • Develop a DEI policy

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