Withum’s Environmental, Social and Governance Team helps organizations implement meaningful ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) best practices. Operating companies and investment managers look to ESG consulting firms, like Withum, to offer guidance and support on the entire ESG value chain. From assisting companies with identifying key ESG value drivers to mitigating investment risk, Withum offers solutions to enhance your ESG strategy and framework and increase organizational transparency in reporting.

Our ESG Services start with guiding organizations on the most suitable ESG strategy, which includes addressing environmental concerns and corporate social responsibility. Withum’s goal is to support a sustainable business model that maximizes long-term enterprise value while creating a better world for our children.

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ESG Consulting and Advisory Services

Withum provides the tools companies require to develop, implement and maintain their own ESG program. Whether you’re are an operating company or an investment manager, our services will fit your needs.

Operating Company

  • Prepare ESG analysis, including identifying key ESG value drivers
  • Establish ESG performance targets
  • Provide outsourced ESG support services
  • Offer regulatory reporting and verification services
  • Measure organization carbon footprint

Investment Manager

  • Draft responsible investment policy and workflow
  • Offer Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) support services
  • Provide outsourced ESG support services
  • Offer regulatory reporting and verification services
  • Draft corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy
  • Measure management company and portfolio carbon footprint

Who Should Consider ESG Consulting and Advisory Services

Operating companies that utilize ESG information can increase long-term enterprise value, better manage risk, including risks associated with climate change, and create sustainable outcomes.


  • Maximizing enterprise value
  • Looking to go public
  • Seeking investment capital
  • Contemplating M&A activities
  • Marketing support for ESG
  • Valuing employees, community and the environment

Investment Managers

  • Raising institutional capital
  • Looking to become a PRI signatory
  • Mitigating downside risk while seeking long-term opportunities
  • Supporting sustainable business
  • Develop DEI policy
  • Valuing their employees, community and the environment

However your approach to ESG, learn how your organization can leverage its activities to create real change. ESG advisory services identify sustainable business models, hidden risks, and most importantly, make for a better future for those who come after us.

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