Maximize your IT/IT Security ROI via 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere announced or unannounced auditing of your environment.

Withum’s AIR4DroidTM computer device provides intelligent identification, scanning, probing and mapping of your organization’s network(s) devices and vulnerabilities. AIR4 provides real-time active and passive cybersecurity monitoring, alerts, auditing, incident response, cyber forensics and reporting to your personalized Withum Cyber Plus account.

Meet the AIR4DroidTM Security Appliance

The AIR4enables your organization’s Executive leadership, compliance, legal, and others to initiate on-demand overt and/or covert scans of IT infrastructure in order to ensure regulatory (GDPR, CCPA, NY-SHIELD, PCI, PII, ePHI, HIPAA, etc.) adherence, as well as to conduct threat emulation/mimicking hacker activities, vulnerability scans, security controls, gap analysis and verifications and gap analysis, and validation of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems, devices and confidential data.

Each AIR4is fully supported and monitored via our Withum Cyber and Information Security Team’s 24/7/365 Security Operations Center to provide the highest levels of security and oversight by our military-grade technical experts.

More About The AIR4DroidTM Security Appliance

It’s more than just technology…effective security involves effective integration of People, Processes, Technology and Reputation with verifiable metrics. Learn more about the Withum Cyber and Information Security Team and how to better secure your environment.

AIR4Droid Features

  • Confidential C-Suite and Compliance Reporting to the Cloud
  • IT / IT Security Auditing Device
  • Ransomware, Data Breach and Cyber Threats Detection
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • AI Integration
  • AES-256bit Encryption
  • Military Grade Security Analysis
  • Business Continuity Assurance
  • Incident Response and Remote Digital Forensics
  • Cloud, On-Premises and Distributed Workforce
  • New Normal / COVID-19 Ready
  • Withum Cyber Plus™ Cloud Account Included (C-Suite and Cyber Metrics Reporting)
  • Remediation/Remediation Assurance
  • Certifications of Environments

When the AIR4is not security scanning, this device will act as a virtual tripwire to assist in detecting nefarious activities, such as identifying hackers, network intrusions, internal and external cyber crimes and other misconduct — prior to major impacts occurring. AIR4DroidTMallows your organization to adopt a certifiable ‘Trust’ but Verify and/or Zero Trust Architecture.

Deployment is fast, easy, secure and cost-effective. No technical expertise needed. We ship it. You plug it in. We’ll do the rest. The AIR4device can be fully custom-branded using sophisticated laser etching to match your organization’s brand.

Optional 24/7/365 Monitoring and Incident Response Available.

Air4Droid interface image

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