Digital devices broadly refer to any device capable of storing digital data such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers or smartwatches. The recovery of data and material from digital devices is becoming more and more valuable as our lives become technology-based. Whether recovering material for personal matters, legal matters or criminal matters, Withum’s Security Computer Forensic Experts use the latest technologies and methods to recover data that’s important to you.

Withum’s Forensics and e-Discovery’s expertise has been founded, developed and honed by the former Top Electronics Crimes Special Agent for the United States Secret Services who’s findings have been relied on by the President of the United States, Foreign Dignitaries, Joint Terrorism Task Force, corporate entities, and foreign and domestic courts for electronic analysis and results. Withum’s expertise has been sought after to design and build out corporate capabilities and centers of excellence modeled on our proven platforms, such as Barclays CFI/e-Discovery, Security Operations Centers, and much more.

What is Mobile Forensics?

Mobile forensics or mobile device forensics is the art of recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device under forensic conditions. This goes beyond just mobile phones, it can be any digital device that has both internal memory and communication ability. These devices can be used to store a variety of information such as contacts, photos, calendars, messages, location information and beyond.

Mobile Device Forensics

As technology evolves, the security on these devices becomes stronger and more difficult to “break the code”. In high profile situations, the information that may be recovered through mobile forensics could be the determinant in a legal or civil case. Mobile forensics is useful for military intelligence, corporate investigations, private investigations, criminal and civil defense and electronic discovery.


Due to some concerns with our former IT consultants, we began searching for a new provider. We chose Withum's Cybersecurity team, as their services range from providing IT Consulting and IT Security, to incident response and forensics. Before officially hiring them, Withum performed an extensive assessment of our entire environment and recommended changes and enhancements. I was very impressed by their analysis and immediately understood how sophisticated their security is compared to where we were at the time. We made the change and although change is always difficult, Withum made it as seamless as possible.

Cyber Real Estate Development Company, President