Optimizing Performance and Profitability of Services Organizations

As a services organization, your people are the critical factor to successfully executing your organization’s vision. However, services employees are under increased pressure to deliver increasing quality work in less time; and services leaders need to innovate continually to optimize the use of available resource capacity, create repeatability and consistency of delivery and enhance top-line revenue.

We will work with you to optimize performance and improve profitability across the range of operations and processes required to run a people-based business.

Our team provides consulting and execution services to help services organizations:

  • Improve billable utilization
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve speed and consistency of execution
  • Increase services revenue
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Through applying best practices across utilization, project execution, client satisfaction and financial performance, Withum’s Services Optimization team addresses common factors that impact your service organization’s performance:


  • Managing dispersed resources.
  • Gaining leverage from less skilled or tenured resources.

Project Performance

  • Streamlining business processes to eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Retaining project managers due to overload.
  • Managing project information and tracking time spent on project tasks.
  • Developing and tracking formal KPIs and project status.

Knowledge Management

  • Gaining leverage from less skilled or tenured resources.
  • Staffing shortages and lack of Subject Matter Experts (SME).
  • Adjusting processes to accommodate new client project or business demands.

Leveraging our Professional Services Optimization Framework, we can partner with you in several ways:


  • Assess as-is capability vs best practices.
  • Architect and quantify the value of the improvement.
  • Define an execution roadmap.


Implement process and technology improvement.


Providing interim or long-term leadership/staff based on your project specifics and phase.

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Mark E. Sloan

Advisory, Lead