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“The Glue that Holds the Team Together”

In our experience, one of the true MVPs for any company is the CFO. Your title might be that of VP of finance, controller, or finance manager. Regardless of title, you are the one responsible for finance and thus, you are the CFO. Since most business activity revolves around dollars and cents, you have a unique insight into all operations of the business; a fact that has not gone unnoticed by most successful entrepreneurs. That is why you are a true partner to the CEO and the management team and often a major center of thought and strategy; a collaborative team member or as the saying goes “the glue that holds the team together.” And even though you are the strong bond that help keep everything working seamlessly, CFOs at times need some support, maybe even just someone to talk to. We have devised our CFO Second Supplier Power PlayBook for just such an occasion.

CFOs operate in two major environments and the rules and tools you need for each are quite different. Let’s take a look.

Public Company CFOs

Private Company CFOs

Whatever challenges a public or private company CFO faces, our BAS Teams is there to provide the timely, effective and efficient support needed to help you be in a position of strength.

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Taryn M. Bostjancic
Taryn M. Bostjancic
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