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Walking 300 Miles

Withum has a Withum 300 initiative where staff and partners commit to walk or run 300 miles a year.  I knew about it but never paid much attention to it.  I am not a runner and my walking has dropped significantly since I see fewer Manhattan clients and now ride on the golf course.

My wife is always on my case to lose some weight and to do more exercise, and around the beginning of the year I felt that maybe she was right.  At the State of the Firm event in January, Bill Hagaman our CEO/Managing Partner played up the Withum 300 and explained what it was and that Withum will donate 50 cents per mile to the Staff Hardship Relief Fund with last year’s contribution over $30,000 with over 90 runners completing at least 300 miles.  That got my attention.  This is the sixth year and there are over 200 participants this year.

The next day I asked Tracy LeBlon just what was involved – she was one of three people that completed over 1,000 miles last year.  She explained it to me plain and simple – I could walk or jog 300 miles during 2019.  It had to be extra miles – walking from my couch to my kitchen for a snack and then back would not count.  Walking to the Jersey Mike’s for a giant sub and then home would. [However, that ain’t gonna happen!].

I thought about it and it was 25 miles a month.  If I went to the gym and did 2 miles on the treadmill three times a week, that would do it.  I just had to commit to myself to go three times a week.  I set up a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule and have gotten into the habit of going.  By the way, I use the time on the treadmill to edit my blogs, so I was also accomplishing something while exercising.  I work up a sweat in the 35 minutes it takes me to do the two miles.  There are days I need to leave early for a meeting, so I miss those two miles, but I now look for opportunities to make it up such as walking in a mall and definitely walking in Manhattan so taxis and subways are out.  I allow for the extra time it takes to walk, but based on the traffic patterns, the walking sometimes takes less time, with no aggrevation while the traffic for the taxi ride gets me upset.

Matt Basilo keeps track of the reporting I submit monthly.  The reporting mechanism makes me aware of my progress – which is actually a little behind but I will make it up golfing this summer.  Even though I ride in a cart, I try to not drive and can get in three miles this way.  When I drive I don’t get to walk much at all and  the effort getting off and on the cart doesn’t take any miles.

Even if I fall short – I won’t – participating has made me much more health conscious – exercising as well as diet.  When I am at the gym I do some weight lifting – not much but enough to feel like I am doing something.  Also, Withum will match my miles, whatever they are, with 50 cents for each mile going to the Staff Hardship Relief Fund.

All is all, I like it, and feel I am doing  something to help my body.  After all, it’s the only one I have.   Ignoring it makes no sense.  While this is only open to Withum people, you can start this regime for yourself – 300 miles is easily doable.  Try it for a couple of weeks and if you don’t like it, then stop. As for me, it has become part of my weekly routine.  I’m in!

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