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Top Three Ways to Modernize Traditional Work Habits with These Microsoft 365 Features

Every organization has employees accustomed to traditional means of working who may find difficulty transitioning to a digital workplace. Guide these employees by clearly demonstrating how their current work habits are an improved but familiar digital work experience. Below are some statements of what I often hear from these traditional workers and how these Microsoft 365 features can evolve the work habits.

“I prefer note-taking with pen and paper”

Everyone has their own way of taking notes, and if that helps your productivity, great! But did you know Microsoft Teams provides each team their own digital notebook called OneNote that easily formats, organizes and preserves notes?

  1. Need to flip back and forth on your notebook? You have an easy-to-navigate search that spans all your pages and multiple notebooks.
  2. Lots of meeting info to organize? You can insert meeting details, including meeting time, participants and a way to check off who has attended with a click of a button.
  3. Love highlighters and formatting? You can create a task list, star important items, add images, sketch ideas and share with your team.

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“I just want to grab my files from my network share file explorer and go about my business”

Behind the scenes, Microsoft does organize your files similar to the folder/files structure you are used to in your shared network folders. While it’s not always recommended due to potential latency, you can sync all your Microsoft Teams files to OneDrive and easily access them through your file explorer, just like you do with your network shares. In your file explorer, you automatically have your own personal file space to start personal draft documents or share externally for short-term collaboration. However, Microsoft Teams itself is organized so that you have a comprehensive experience with your conversations, files, notes and apps all in one place. Still, if you really want a file explorer, then you have options!

(File Explorer Sync example Created by Lamia Msadek)

“I’m used to sending everything through e-mail”

If you want to send an e-mail occasionally, let’s say to a president of an organization or discuss contracts with an external vendor, keep using e-mail for these purposes.
However, ask yourself, “How many times did e-mail present challenges with communication?” Maybe someone replied to a separate thread, forgot an attachment or a participant neglected to add someone. All of these common issues can be resolved through the Teams threads and collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams to keep your files, conversation, collaboration and communication all in one place. Situations where you used to e-mail, can naturally move over to Microsoft Teams, resulting in increased productivity with less reliance on e-mail and less wasted time looking for files.

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